Tata Steel to invest in security in Scunthorpe site following a series of metal thefts


After having £300,000 worth of metal stolen from its site in Scunthorpe this year, Tata Steel has decided to invest in much tougher security measures.

It is believed to be investing £3.5 million to tighten up security on the 2,000 acre steel works. This will include the building of a new visitor centre at the entrance to the site, as well as the introduction of manned barriers and automatic number plate recognition systems on all exits and entrances.


Site director Sean Lyons said: “It is essential we invest in these security enhancements to protect our site from unwanted intruders that threaten our business by stealing from us.

“We have been repeatedly targeted by criminals who illegally drive onto the site to steal our property and, in some cases, risk their lives breaking into live electricity substations.

“In the event of a site emergency, we need to know who is on site so we can make sure everyone is in a safe location. These security enhancements will give us up-to-the-minute data on all vehicle movements.”