Tesco introduces clear caps on 425 million bottles of milk


Tesco’s own brand milk will soon have clear caps to make recycling of its HDPE bottles easier.

These will be on 425 million bottles of milk per year and will enable the caps to be recycled back into bottles, while also improving the quality of recycled HDPE.


As a result of this change, 3,900 tonnes of plastic will be able to be recycled back into bottles rather than requiring a separate process for the coloured caps previously used.

Tesco category for dairy James Waddy said: “Ensuring our packaging is as sustainable as possible is really important to us, and customer feedback on our trial of these new clear milk caps has been overwhelmingly positive. We will continue to look for ways to improve the packaging of our products, and make it even easier for customers to recycle at home.”

These clear caps will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Companies including Waitrose, ALDI and Co-op have previously trialled or introduced clear caps for HDPE milk bottles.