Theresa Villiers should implement Resources & Waste Strategy faster says The Recycling Association

Theresa Villiers Environment Secretary
Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers

The Recycling Association has said that new Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers should continue to implement the Resources & Waste Strategy developed by her predecessor.

Its chief executive Simon Ellin praised the work of former Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Resources Minister Thérèse Coffey for launching the Resources & Waste Strategy.


He said: “Michael Gove and Thérèse Coffey have developed a strategy that has the potential to transform the recycling sector for the better. The new Defra team replacing them, needs to ensure that they do not dilute the measures included in it.

“From getting producers to pay the cost of recycling, to providing funding for local authority collections, and importantly improving the quality of material collected for recycling, the Resources & Waste Strategy is a comprehensive and sensible plan that unites almost all of the stakeholders involved.

“While much of the detail is still being worked on and consulted on, I call on the new Secretary of State Theresa Villiers and ministerial team at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to continue the good work of their predecessors and if possible, speed up implementing it.

“With a possibility of diminishing recycling capacity, it is vital that we produce high quality recycled materials to stimulate or maintain markets both at home and for export. Indeed, speedy implementation of the Resources & Waste Strategy will lead to investment in infrastructure, high quality collection of materials and a steady supply of recycled content for manufacturers.

“It would be a crying shame for so much progress to be thrown away on the basis of a change of ministers. The Recycling Association is keen to engage and help the new Defra ministers to continue implementing proposed policies that will benefit both the economy and the environment.”

Theresa Villiers has been appointed as Environment Secretary by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. She is the MP for Chipping Barnet, which is an outer London constituency bordering Hertfordshire.

Previously an MEP, she was elected to Parliament in 2005. After just seven months, she was promoted to Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. In 2007, she became Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.

Following the 2010 election, she became Minister of State for Transport in the Coalition Government.

She was then appointed as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in 2012. Following the 2016, she resigned from Government after being offered a post outside of Cabinet by the then new Prime Minister Theresa May.

In that referendum, she was one of six Cabinet members that campaigned to leave the European Union.

This week, Defra published responses to the Resources & Waste Strategy consultations.

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