UK above EU average in waste generated per person


Statistics from Eurostat have shown that the UK is just above the EU average for waste generated.

At 484kg per person of waste generated in2014, the UK is only a touch above the EU average of 475kg.


This average is down from a peak of 527kg per person seen in 2002.

While Poland, Latvia and Romania had the lowest waste generated at less than 300kg per person, Denmark was highest with 759kg per person, ahead of Cyprus, Germany and Luxembourg.

While the UK can pat itself on the back for its low waste generation compared to other major European nations, its recycling and composting rate at 45% in 2014 was lower than Germany’s 64% and Slovenia’s 61%.     

However, with landfill rates for Malta of 88% and 83% for Croatia, a number of European countries have still got a long way to go to even catch up to the UK.

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