UK: ECO Plastics backs WRAP’s new guide to rigid plastic collections


WRAP’s report on the best way to recycle mixed rigid plastics has been supported by recycler ECO Plastics.

The guidance covers everything from the expectations of materials recycling facilities, and plastics recycling facilities, to what vehicle to use for collection and communications.


ECO Plastics managing director Jonathan Short said: “It is encouraging to see WRAP address some of the key challenges facing the UK recycling industry following a surge in non-bottle plastics tonnage. It is equally encouraging that WRAP accepts that mixed rigid plastics processing is a medium – term goal for UK reprocessors.

“The single most important message should be to always recycle plastic bottles, the most valuable plastic resource. Over 300,000 tonnes of plastic bottles go to landfill every year.

“It is essential we divert this high quality material in its entirety to the recycling stream. This will underpin investment in crucial processing infrastructure, laying the foundations for other domestic plastics markets to grow.

 “We also echo WRAP’s concerns about black plastic, most commonly meat and fruit trays. This material cannot be recycled in the UK and contaminates the recycling stream. Black plastics should not be collected through the domestic plastic collection infrastructure.

“We endorse the proposals for plastic film. Front of store film collections would engage retailers in their desire to actively assist in the retrieval of consumer waste. This would result in the removal of contaminant from kerb-side collections.”