UK: Packaging obligation shows more plastic and glass needed


Newly published 2012 data reported by packaging producers obligated under the Packaging Regulations demonstrates that there will be more demand for plastic and glass than anticipated.

With the UK in recession, and poor Q1 recycling performance, the market is trying to judge what impact this will have on PRN values particularly for plastics and glass.


Analysis by 360 Environmental of the data shows that overall there is little difference to the final obligation for 2011.

Compared to the data released at the same time last year, there is an overall 0.9 per cent fall in the total recycling obligation, while glass and plastic have seen 0.4 per cent and 0.9 per cent falls respectively.

The number of producers registered is similar with 6,710 this year compared to 6,719 last year.

In terms of PRNs, there is currently increased demand for them, which is pushing up prices. The SCM scrap-ex price for glass PRNs is currently £11 to £13, while the plastic PRN is trading at £16 to £18.