US East Coast recycled pulp mill to export to paper mills around the world


Total Fiber Recovery has announced that it plans to invest $80 million (£66.8 million) in a recycled pulp mill that will serve export markets.

Based in the City of Chesapeake, Virginia, the pulp mill will be close to the Port of Virginia on the US East Coast. Indeed, infrastructure at the port will be adapted to enable exports.


Oregon-based Total Fiber Recovery and Swedish company CellMark will work together on a joint venture for the mill. CellMark’s Recycled Fiber Division will supply the 300,000 tonnes of OCC and mixed paper required for the facility, and will then all of the pulp will be marketed by CellMark’s Pulp Division.

According to Total Fiber Recovery, domestic and international offtake agreements are already in place.

Total Fiber Recovery plans to build more of these mills, with this one in Virginia set to be operational by the end of 2023.

Chesapeake mayor Rick West said: “We are excited that Total Fiber Recovery has chosen the City of Chesapeake for its first recycled pulp production facility due to the region’s workforce and global access through the Port of Virginia.

“The revenue from exporting TFR’s pulp product in addition to the creation of 68 new jobs will be a positive economic boost.”