Wales moves towards becoming a circular economy nation  


Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment Lesley Griffiths has outlined the route Wales will take in its transition to become a circular economy country.    

Taking this circular approach will keep resources in circulation instead of ending their life in landfill, which is the result of the linear economy currently.  


The Cabinet Secretary has announced the creation of a Plastic Route Map, which will plan Wales’ approach to generating a better market for recycling plastic products and reduce its reliance on overseas markets for waste plastic. 

Research has found that adopting a circular economy could save the Welsh economy up to £2 billion and could even create up to 30,000 new jobs. 

Lesley Griffiths had announced previously a £6.5 million budget for 2019-20 to enable Wales to move forward in becoming a circular economy nation. 

She said: “Wales is fully signed up to the benefits of the circular economy. The £6.5m fund I announced earlier this year will develop a significant number of small-scale capital projects to assist SMEs in making the transformation towards a ‘circular economy’ approach. We need to see more circular economy business models developed in Wales.” 

Wales’ dedication to becoming a circular economy country is emphasised by its participation in “Circular Economy for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises” (CESME) project. 

The Welsh Government is also considering to follow measures that will reduce waste and tackle pollution created by plastic.  

The Plastics Route Map will be published by WRAP by Spring 2018.