Warnings issued over mixing lithium-ion batteries in lead recycling stream


A leaflet has been issued to set out the dangers of mixing lithium-ion batteries with lead batteries for recycling.

It will be issued to battery collectors, handlers and sorters across Europe and North America and it highlights the risk of fire and explosions if lithium batteries enter the lead battery collection and recycling stream.


In particular, this is made more difficult because lithium and lead batteries can sometime look similar.

The leaflet is a joint effort between the International Lead Association, Battery Council International, EUROBAT and the Association of Battery Recyclers.

EUROBAT EU affairs manager Rene Schroeder said: “Communicating to all partners in the supply chain is essential to guarantee the safe handling of batteries at their end-of-life.

“Labelling of automotive and industrial batteries based on colour codes will also be an important tool to help collectors, sorters and recyclers to easily identify the different battery chemistries.”