Welsh Government reveals recycling and waste Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector plan at Resource Association launch


A plan on how the Welsh economy can best provide sustainable, high quality recycle for local reprocessors of recycled material and manufacturers of products from recycled materials has been launched.

The Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector (CIMS) plan was unveiled by Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths at the official launch event of the Resource Association in Wales.


The CIMS plan covers the collection and management of all waste material in Wales. It is aimed at those who collect and manage waste and recycling, and sets out how reprocessors, the waste industry, regulators, local authorities, the social economy and other bodies can play their part in the successful delivery of Wales’ recycling targets.

It makes recommendations and offers advice on local authorities delivering the most effective, efficient and sustainable collection systems for recycling.

John Griffiths said: “This plan requires the waste industry in Wales to turn itself into a resource management industry. My vision is that this industry will be recognised as world class in its ability to deliver a sustainable service which is respected the world over. I want Wales to be attractive to inward investment, and, and the same time, be able to retain its home-grown industries on account of the high quality, sustainable, resource management services that will be on offer.”

Speaking at the Resource Association launch event in Cardiff Bay, its chief executive Ray Georgeson added: “We are delighted that Mr Griffiths has joined us today to launch the CIMS plan and to restate his commitment to a resource-focused approach for Welsh waste and recycling strategy.

“With its ambitious targets and clear approach, the Welsh Government is sending a powerful signal to the industry that Wales is a place for reprocessors and recyclers to do business as part of the growth of the green economy that we all need.

“The Resource Association looks forward to playing a full role in shaping the resource based economy for Wales and working with all parts of the recycling supply chain in Wales.”