World’s first 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging produced 


UK eco cleaning-chemical company, Delphis Eco, has developed the world’s first 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging. 

The company worked with UK waste collectors to produce recycled granules from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.  


This material makes the packaging of is new cleaning product range, which is launching on the 25 September. 

Collaborating with specialist producers, they achieved a 100% food grade quality polymerase chain reaction (PRS) level. 

Delphis Eco chief executive Mark Jankovich believes the range will be a catalyst for a new era in how manufacturers and consumers could expect to see recycled waste. 

The chief executive called for other companies to join them and make the item a priority.  

He said: ““It has taken five years to get to this point, and the journey is just beginning when it comes to creating a movement to increase the world’s level of recycling from between 5% – 7%, to 10% and beyond.  

“Our breakthrough is showing the world that there can be a second life for single use plastic. The fantastic benefits are an immediate reduction in what goes into the ocean, landfill or is burnt. 

“And if we, as a relatively small player, can bring this 100% PCR packaging to the UK market – why can’t the big players. 

“Waste plastic is a huge issue and we are still only scratching the surface at finding a solution of how to get rid of it.”