WRAP close to making recommendations on more consistent recycling in England


Recommendations on how to make recycling in England more consistent are set to be submitted by WRAP to Defra later this month.

Resources Minister Rory Stewart asked WRAP to investigate the opportunities and challenges of having greater consistency in the collection of household waste and recycling.


As a result, WRAP brought together representatives from local authorities, waste management contractors, recyclers, producers and retailers to explore options and develop recommendations.

WRAP director Marcus Gover (pictured) said: “Over the last few months, the group has met formally three times and we are all working together very constructively, with an eye on the prize, which is to improve recycling, minimise costs and make it easier for the public to recycle.

“We are not looking for a one size fits all approach. It is more about trying to identify a small number of approaches to recycling collections that will increase yields and quality, improve services while reducing costs and complying with regulations.

“We also recognise that change won’t happen overnight so we are looking for a vision that local authorities could work towards as contracts expire and services are refreshed.”

The group has been looking at possible scenarios including how consistency of materials collection, collection methods and standardisation of containers could help to improve the quantity and quality of recycling and public participation.

WRAP has modelled the costs and benefits of these scenarios and expects a menu of options for consistency will be available for local authorities to consider depending on their local circumstances and communities.

Other players are also being asked to see what they can do to ensure more consistent recycling, as WRAP believe change won’t come just from local authorities.

It is hoped the recommendations will enable the public to have a clearer idea about what can and can’t be recycled, and therefore help to improve the quality of material collected.