The world’s most sophisticated secondary commodity market prices

Intelligence from Resource Efficient Business is the only independent weekly pricing report in the market providing UK, Chinese and US market prices.

Many companies are already using Intelligence to get ahead of the market, using our reliable, weekly prices for key international markets to generate greater profit in their trades.

It is helping them to understand pricing trends as well as providing analysis of how the global economy is having an impact on secondary commodities markets. This assists them in optimising when and where to trade.

Intelligence is recommended for companies and organisations that are trading in materials markets, or wish to benchmark waste management and recycling contracts against sophisticated and reliable weekly price data.

Our team have decades of experience in understanding markets and produce accurate weekly paper, plastic and metals prices and analysis.

Subscribers to intelligence get: 

  • Weekly intelligence report every Friday
  • Key commodities are given a single market assessment price – not a vague range
  • Forecast prices looking ahead to prices for the next week and next four weeks using our unique methodology
  • Intelligence index for paper, plastics and metals showing the global price trends for materials
  • UK, US and Chinese market prices (including $ conversions)
  • Global trend information
  • Chinese import data for secondary materials
  • UK export data for OCC and polymers of ethylene
  • Transparent methodology on how we put our prices together
  • Full access to everything on

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