Biffa wins Ministry of Defence contract


A three-year contract has seen Biffa appointed to manage the waste at a number of Ministry of Defence facilities on the south coast of England.

Awarded the contract in partnership with the world’s largest caterer Compass, Biffa has been serving the ten establishments since spring 2013.


Biffa is delivering a zero waste to landfill strategy with increased recycling across all sites.

As well as key sites at Marchwood, Southwick Park and Gosport, Biffa is also managing waste from the Institute of Naval Medicine and Royal Navy training establishments HMS Collingwood, HMS Raleigh, HMS Excellent, HMS Sultan and BRNC Dartmouth.

Biffa business development manager Mick Fairless said: “Everyone at Biffa is thrilled to have been awarded top marks by the MOD to divert 100 per cent waste from landfill from all of the south coast bases.

“The MOD clearly takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, particularly as many of the sites have environmentally sensitive locations, and we are proud to be helping achieve excellent waste management practice.”