Extended Producer Responsibility isn’t a silver bullet warns EuRIC

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes should only be established when they make economic sense, according to umbrella trade association EuRIC.

Alupro becomes an OPRL guarantor

Aluminium recycling organisation Alupro is joining the list of guarantors of the OPRL packaging labelling scheme. Alupro will represent...
OPRL Certified as Recyclable

OPRL launches recyclability certification scheme

Packaging recycling label organisation OPRL has launched a new UK certification scheme called Certified as Recyclable that will provide evaluated and tested...

Exports are vital to the UK, and EA CEO should not undermine them

The Recycling Association has expressed its anger that the chief executive of the Environment Agency has undermined legitimate exports of recyclate by...
textile recycling

Metal company launches national textile recycling scheme

Midlands metals and waste management company Ward Recycling has moved into the textiles sector with the launch of the WARDRobe recycling scheme. Initial collections stated...

Disappointment expressed at Defra delay to EPR

The Government has announced that Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will be delayed until October 2025. In a statement...

BMRA latest trade association to support The Recycling Event

Nine trade associations are now collaborating to develop The Recycling Event after British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) pledged its support. Taking...

Why we should focus on digital deposit return schemes by Joseph Doherty

Re-Gen managing director Joseph Doherty gives his view on why a digital deposit return scheme (DRS) should be considered across the UK
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