OPRL launches recyclability certification scheme

OPRL Certified as Recyclable

Packaging recycling label organisation OPRL has launched a new UK certification scheme called Certified as Recyclable that will provide evaluated and tested recyclability assessment.

Initially, it is available for rigid and flexible packaging in partnership with RECOUP, but will be extended eventually across all packaging materials.


Certification will only be available to OPRL members.

It is intended to provide assurance that the packaging type and materials are collected in the UK for recycling, are effectively sorted for recycling at UK materials recycling facilities (MRF) and plastic recycling facilities (PRF), and the materials are recycled by reprocessors with an effective market for the resulting recyclate.

OPRL chair Jane Bevis said: “For some time now we’ve been concerned about the level of greenwash and overclaiming evident in the packaging market. It’s really tough for any but the most practised packaging technologist to keep up with the latest coatings, pigments, bonding and material combinations and their impact on recyclability.

“So we’re delighted to be able to bring clarity and robust analysis to bear with Certified as Recyclable, enabling buyers and specifiers to ensure they are sourcing the right packaging to deliver their sustainability commitments.”

RECOUP chief executive Stuart Foster added: “We’re delighted that our ongoing close partnership with OPRL has led to this first phase of their Certified as Recyclable scheme, which complements our wider work in this area.

“As well as drawing on our technical expertise and knowledge, we’ll be undertaking on-site testing at MRFs and PRFs, expanding the knowledge base of what works within UK infrastructure – and in the process identifying barriers to increasing effective recycling of plastics.

“It’s a great example of a collaboration between two leading recycling organisations that will bring major benefits to drive up recycling and drive out bad design.”

Certified as Recyclable is now available for rigid and flexible packaging for OPRL members.

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