China and the United States to work together on circular economy


China and the United States have agreed to work together on building a circular economy.

In a joint declaration on enhancing climate action in the 2020s, published surrounding the current COP26 meeting in Glasgow, the two nations committed to co-operating on a range of measures including on the circular economy.


The measures were:

  1. regulatory frameworks and environmental standards related to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the 2020s; 
  2. maximising the societal benefits of the clean energy transition; 
  3. policies to encourage decarbonisation and electrification of end-use sectors;  
  4. key areas related to the circular economy, such as green design and renewable resource utilisation; and
  5. deployment and application of technology such as CCUS and direct air capture.

This marks a departure for the United States, as it has yet to develop any federal policy on the circular economy.

China in July committed to a five-year plan around building a circular economy.

Details in the commitment are lacking, but both nations have committed to building a working group on developing concrete actions.

By 2025, they intend to publish nationally determined contribution plans for how they will achieve these goals by 2035.

View the full declaration here

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