China issues small set of recycled paper import quota

China customs officials Hangzhou
Chinese customs officials inspect rejected loads of waste paper

A small issue of recycled paper import quota has been released by the Chinese Government.

Just 52,690 tonnes of recycled paper import quota was announced in this issue.


This is significantly lower than the last issue at the end of April when 124,080 tonnes was released. And this was a drop on the announcement of 1.171 million tonnes of quota on 10 April.

The biggest beneficiary in this round of import quota was Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group which received 28,600 tonnes.

At this point in 2019, 8.25 million tonnes of quota had been issued, but this has dropped to 4.9 million this year.

This chart shows the annual trend since 2015 to 2019 with the red line the trend line:

This chart shows the quota issue trend since May 2018 to the present, with the red line again representing the trend line:

The charts seem to suggest that China is gradually realising zero imports of recyclate as its new law on solid waste requires, although this process appeared to begin before the law was passed last month.

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