Nespresso using 80% recycled aluminium in its coffee pods

Nespresso recycling
A Nespresso recycling point in Lausanne

Coffee pod manufacturer Nespresso has said that it is now using 80% recycled aluminium in one of its coffee lines, with the rest by the end of 2021.

This follows the introduction in March of new Nespresso machine boxes using 95% recycled material that are 100% recyclable.


The Original Line Master Origin Columbia coffee pods are the first to use 80% recycled aluminium, and these new capsules are using 9.2% less of the metal and are 8% lighter therefore.

Nespresso head of sustainability Jérôme Pérez said: “We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the sustainability and circularity of our operations, including the way we source, use and recycle materials.

“Reaching 80% recycled aluminium in capsules is a significant milestone, and something we have worked hard to achieve with our suppliers.

“These new initiatives take Nespresso a step closer to creating a more circular business model. We will continue to work towards increasing the proportion of recycled aluminium in our coffee capsules and to drive up the recycling rate of our used capsules, making it as easy as possible for our customers to recycle them.”

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