Environment Agency cancels Plasgran’s PRN accreditation


The Environment Agency has cancelled the PRN accreditation of plastic recycler Plasgran.

Based in Cambridgeshire, Plasgran buys plastic scrap, then is able to separate, regrind or compound material.


While the exact reasons for the cancellation of the PRN accreditation have not been given, a statement from the Environment Agency said:

“The Environment Agency cancelled Plasgran Ltd’s accreditation on 8 July 2021 due to a breach of Schedule 5 of the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007.

“This schedule outlines the conditions of accreditation that reprocessors and exporters are required to comply with.

“Information on the status of accreditations is available on the public register on the National Packaging Waste Database.

“Where we identify non-compliance we will take appropriate action in line with our Enforcement and Sanctions policy.

“We may also prosecute an operator for offences or require a non-compliant operator to make a waste adjustment to counter any illegitimate evidence issued. Failure to make a waste adjustment may result in escalation of our enforcement response.”

In August 2018, Plasgran was acquired by RPC bpi group for £34.5 million. In July 2019, RPC was itself acquired by Berry Global Group.

See Plasgran’s response here.

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