ESA calls for manifestos to include strong commitment to resource economy


The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has called on UK political parties to commit to building a strong and competitive resource economy in their manifestos.

ESA’s Executive Director, Jacob Hayler (pictured) said: “Rising costs, endemic waste crime and a policy vacuum has placed immense pressure on the UK waste and resources sector in recent years. Without action, we estimate that by 2020 waste could cost local authorities and businesses up to an extra £485 million per annum.


“This is not inevitable. The next Government has an opportunity to put in place a bold strategy that will help create a world leading sustainable waste and resources management sector which builds UK competitiveness. This will, in turn, help to realise the UK economy’s resource efficiency potential and raise future productivity and growth prospects.

“ESA’s manifesto for waste and resources, Resourceful, makes four key recommendations that we would like to see adopted by the political parties.

1.       Transfer resource ownership from the public to sector to product supply chains by reforming Extended Producer Responsibility. 

2.       Build resilient recycling and recovery markets by stimulating demand for secondary raw materials. 

3.       Realise economies of scale through greater joint working.

4.       Drive waste crime out of the sector. ESA and ESA Educational Trust’s latest report Rethinking Waste Crime makes a series of recommendations for tackling this issue.

“By addressing these areas, the next Government will not only avert a crisis, but help deliver economic growth, thousands of new green jobs, and a healthier environment.”