European recycled paper project to focus on separate collections


A two-year project has been launched that will look into raising paper recycling in low recycling rate countries as well as promoting separate collection in the UK and France.

IMPACTPapeRec started on 1 February and is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme.


It has evolved from a commitment on separate paper collection in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

The aim of the project will be to further increase the separate collection of paper for recycling and promote appropriate schemes to avoid landfilling and incineration.

It will also develop a best practice handbook to support the different EU regions in the implementation of best practice.

Countries with low paper recycling rates, such as Bulgaria, Poland and Romania will be encouraged to increase recycling. 

Antonio Dobon from the project co-ordinator ITENE said: “We are very excited about the start of this project. It comes at a time when the European Commission presented its proposal for the circular economy stressing the importance of separate collection.

“With this project we will work to reach the recycling targets in those territories that are below average.”