Bottled water company only uses UK rPET

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Britain’s oldest bottled water brand, Harrogate Water, is now using 50% rPET in all of its bottles. The rPET being used is all from UK sources.

Harrogate Water has been using 50% recycled content in its glass bottles for ‘many years’. It’s plastic bottles have now have been brought in line with the same recycled content. Both glass and plastic bottles are fully recyclable.


Importantly, Harrogate Water has said that all of the rPET being used is from UK sources, closing the loop locally.

Harrogate Water CEO James Cain said: “It is not an inevitability that plastic bottles end up in our rivers and oceans. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we dispose of our packaging properly and recycle our bottles so that they can go on to become another bottle or useful product… We shouldn’t think of them or refer to them as ‘single use’; they can have an infinite number of lives.”

He went on to say: “PET plastic used to make beverage bottles is the most environmentally efficient of all packaging solutions – providing it is recycled; it uses less energy in manufacture, produces fewer Greenhouse Gas emissions and is one of the best examples of easily-recyclable packaging.”

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