Luxus invests in plastics granulator


Plastics recycler Luxus has invested £120,000 in a new granulation line.

The company, based in Louth, Lincolnshire will granulate large mouldings such as crates, bins, tanks and others at a rate of one tonne per hour. This will increase its capacity to 13,000 tonnes per year.


This will enable it to target growing markets for closed loop recycling services.

Luxus purchasing manager Malcolm Odin said: “Logistics businesses are increasingly looking to drive change across their entire supply chain to meet both cost efficiency and sustainability targets. We find, however, that still many businesses struggle with the problem of how to sustainably manage their transit materials, which are fundamental to the efficiency of their business.

“At Luxus we provide a closed loop service that allows waste generated in the supply chain – end-of-life transit materials such as plastic crates, boxes and pallets – to be re-engineered back into the same product, so entering the system once again, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

“Or, we can simply purchase the transit packaging to re-manufacture into new sustainable high quality compound for sale by us – so we turn what’s often seen as a cost and an inconvenience into a revenue stream.”