Malaysia sets out waste paper inspection processes

Sirim waste paper inspection presentation

The process for waste paper inspection has been set out by Malaysia’s inspection authority Sirim.

In a webinar held last week, Sirim reported on the criteria needed to export waste paper to Malaysia and requirements for the Certificate of Approval (COA) for mills, but there was still no data of implementation for the measures.


The presentation confirmed that the permitted codes would be HS 470710 (equivalent to OCC), HS 470720 (equivalent to paper made from pulp that has been bleached) and HS 470730 (equivalent to news and pam).

However, it remains that HS 4707.90 (equivalent to mixed paper) will not be allowed for import into Malaysia.

Mills will need the COA to show they have a Sirim license or are part of the Eco-Label scheme, and annual inspection and verification services at manufacturing premises.

The COA will also need to show a verification of quota, plus evidence that waste management processes are in place to recover other materials, especially plastic.

They will also need to provide a bank guarantee on the highest shipping costs, including incidental costs, to return the shipment to the country of origin.

On inspections, it was confirmed that Malaysia will use the EN 643 standard grades for paper and board recycling, which will mean a 1.5% contamination limit.

The slides from the presentation, which are also available to download at the bottom of this article, also showed the sampling regime for containers and the inspection fees that will be charged.

It also had example photos of what bales should look like to be permitted for import, as well as for loads that would not be allowed.

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