Essity turning food and beverage cartons into tissue products in France


Hygiene and health company Essity has inaugurated the first line in the world where used food and drink cartons are turned into professional hygiene tissue products.

At its plant in Hondouville in France, recycling capacity has been increased by 40%. But it has also introduced a process that allows it to recycle almost all the materials, including the plastic and aluminium. The fibre is used to manufacture tissue products under its Tork brand.


The facility is capable of recycling 25,000 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to 60% of all the collected, sorted and recycled food and beverage cartons in France.

Essity Global Supply Chain president Donato Giorgio said: “A truly circular society can only be achieved if there is integrated collaboration between all members of the value chain, and our production plant in Hondouville is a role model in end to-end circular economy.

“The production facility provides cost-efficient and sustainable production while we take important steps toward a world with zero landfill.”