EuRIC sets out roadmap to use chemical recycling where no better alternative exists


European umbrella trade association EuRIC has published a roadmap in which it argues that chemical recycling should be explored when no better recycling alternative exists.

In order to maximise mechanical recycling techniques, EuRIC highlighted the critical role of design for recycling and called for a closer link between design considerations and end-of-life treatment. On top of this, collection, sorting and other intermediate steps need to be considered at the design stage.


But for materials like plastics, rubber and fibre-to-fibre textiles, it acknowledges that there is a complementary role for chemical recycling alongside mechanical recycling.

EuRIC also highlighted that there is potential for closed loop recycling for textiles and tyres.

It also called for a new regulatory framework for post-consumer recycled materials in various new production cycles including plastics, textiles and tyres regardless of the technology used. This could include mandatory recycled content, green public procurement and taxing virgin materials to incentivise recycling.

EuRIC is also advocating end-of-waste status for key materials including plastics, ELT-derived rubber, recycled carbon black and textiles.

But the organisation opposes the use of mass balance accounting with a fuel use exclusion allocation method for chemical recycling when superior recycling options are available.

More details on this can be seen here