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Major airlines to offer spirits in recycled bottles

Black Cow vodka in Alumini bottles for British Airways flights

EasyJet and British Airways are stocking spirits in recycled aluminium bottles on flights from UK airports.

Manufacturer Sustainaholics announced that the major airlines would be carrying its Alumini container.

Made from recycled European aluminium, the bottle is less than half the weight of a glass equivalent when full, allowing more to be taken on board.

EasyJet will carry drinks including rum and gin in Alumini packaging on its A321 fleet.

British Airways is to use the containers for Black Cow vodka on its short-haul Heathrow departures.

Sustainahollics founder David Mills said he was “incredibly proud” of the deals.

“We now have Aluminis from a wide variety of independent eco-conscious brands listed on two of the biggest airlines in the UK and world,” he added.

“It shows the transition to 100 per cent post-consumer recycled aluminium is gathering pace”.