PepsiCo Europe plans to eliminate virgin plastics in Walkers crisp packets by 2030


Walkers crisp packets should not include any virgin plastics by 2030, according to its owner PepsiCo Europe.

The company has announced that Walkers, Doritos, Quavers, Wotsits, Snack a Jacks and Pipers will use renewable or recycled plastics by that date.


From later this year, new Walkers crisps packets will be launched that contain recycled content from crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and shopping bags.

Over the next 12 months in collaboration with it packaging manufacturer AMCOR, PepsiCo Europe will introduce more recyclable polypropylene into its Walkers and Doritos crisp packets. This will help them meet the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging guidelines as well as enable use of the OPRL label.

PepsiCo UK&I sustainability lead Archana Jagannathan said: “This announcement and our UK trial are exciting and important moments on our journey towards a truly circular economy for flexible plastics.

“We know change is needed to reduce the amount of virgin fossil-based plastic used in our packaging, which is why we’re working with partners across the value chain to develop effective, scalable solutions to address this.

“At the same time, we need to make it easier for people to recycle their flexible plastics so that we can put this plastic back into the system and to good use. The food industry and retailers have invested to make this possible, with over 3,500 flexible plastic collection points at supermarkets across the country, making it convenient for people to drop off their packaging waste for recycling whilst shopping.

“Now, we’re urging the government to speed up their plans to introduce kerbside recycling collections, so that we can begin recycling flexible plastics at scale.”

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