Recycled plastic export report: December 2022

A container ship that is used to transport recyclable materials

Please note this report just focuses on the waste polymers of ethylene commodity code (391510), as exports of other plastics are relatively small in  volume.

There was an increase in exports of PE-based plastics in December, compared to November.


A total of 21,766 tonnes went abroad from the UK in the last month of 2022, up from 20,972 tonnes the month before. This made it the best month since May.

The EU remained the key destination with 9,607 tonnes, but this was actually lower than November’s 12,944 tonnes.

Of this, 4,271 tonnes went to the Netherlands (6,088 tonnes in November), 1,498 tonnes to Belgium (1,843 tonnes in November), and 1,468 tonnes to Germany (2,199 tonnes in November).

After the EU was Turkey which took 8,041 tonnes in December, up from 6,495 in the preceding month. This made it the best month since April for Turkey.

The only other significant destination was Malaysia with 2,630 tonnes, jumping from just 504 tonnes in November.