Recycling Market Prices Sentiment Report: June 2018 to June 2019

Recycling rollercoaster
Are recycling prices headed up or down?

In last month’s market sentiment report on where recycling market stakeholders think prices are headed, there was a sense of optimism.

But this seems to have shifted in the past month towards stability of prices.


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For packaging grades, there is a sense that prices may creep up this month, but then won’t get much further.

The current price of £250 per tonne for PET bottles is expected to rise to £270 per tonne over the next month, but will then settle back to £260 per tonne for the next year.

HDPE bottles will rise in a month’s time to £460 per tonne, according to the market, from £450 per tonne now. But then are expected to drop to £440 in three months and £435 in a year’s time.

LDPE 98/2 film should be stable around the current £260 per tonne mark in a month, and may rise by another £10 to £270 in three months, and may creep up to £275 per tonne if the market view is correct.

HDPE Regrind isn’t expected by the market to change at all from its current £545 average over the coming year.

PP Regrind is currently averaging £550 per tonne and there is no expected changed in the 1- and 3-month forecasts. But by May next year, it could have increased to £570 per tonne.


OCC isn’t expected to change too dramatically according to the market in the next month, falling from a current £112.50 to £111 on average in July. A recovery is expected in three months though with it rising to £121 per tonne. In 12 months, it will be slightly down from this at £117.50.

An upturn is expected for news & pam over the next month though with the market expecting the average price currently of £95 per tonne to rise to £100. In three months the view is that the price will increase to £107 per tonne, and be largely stable in 12 months at £106.

Mixed paper is expected still to see some recovery over the coming months, with the current average price of £19 expected to grow to £22 in July. This may then increase to £25 in three months and £37 in 12 months.

Metal cans

Steel cans aren’t expected to see too much movement from the current average given by respondents of £140 per tonne. This may rise to £145 in a month and three months, but may fall to £140 again by this time next year.

The current average price of aluminium cans was seen at £1,015 per tonne, and this should drop to £1,000 in July if respondents are correct. However, in three months the expectation is that the price will be £1,025 and in a year £1,050.

This REB market sentiment report is a survey of key stakeholders in the recycling market of where they believe the market is headed in one month, three months and 12 months.

As a result, it is intended as a guide and Hanicke Robins Sanderson Limited cannot be held responsible for any commercial decisions made as a result of this information.

Please note, there may be a discrepancy between the average current prices quoted here and our weekly prices. This is because we use a market assessment taking into account a range of factors to produce our weekly market price, while the price quoted here is just an average.  


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