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Recycling prices and market commentary: 12 April 2024


While the plastic market remains subdued, this week continued to see some heat in the paper/cardboard and metals markets.

Despite it being the last week of the Easter holidays for some, there was demand for fibre and scrap metal from various sources, while supply also seemed to improve a bit.

The question now is whether this was a temporary blip or something more sustained. This may be clearer next week as everyone returns to normal working patterns.

Compared to the dollar, the pound was down at $1.24 this week from $1.26 a week ago. However, it gained a cent on the euro to reach €1.17.

Recycled plastics

No movement in the overall prices again this week, but there was a small shift underneath.

For packaging grades, the PRN/PERN price was down by around £8 per tonne typically, but some additional demand for material from Europe in particular helped to keep prices stable.

Plastics prices have barely changed for six weeks now, but could market dynamics start to change now if PRN/PERN prices start to move and there is a demand shift in the market?

Recycled paper

Prices for OCC and mixed paper increased by £2 or £3 on the back of some extra demand this week.

UK and European mills were buying and this helped to drive prices, with south east Asia also active.

A sudden drop in shipping costs in the week by a couple of lines also brought India back into the market as it suddenly became attractive to buy at current prices.

Since the start of 2024, OCC prices are up by around £35 per tonne and mixed paper values by £25 per tonne.

Recycled metals

Like last week, copper was up by £150 per tonne. Both brass and aluminium gained £100 per tonne also. Ferrous grades were stable.

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