Recycling prices and market commentary: 20 January 2023

HDPE milk bottles

The paper and plastics markets are still in wait and see mode and prices are largely staying stable.

There was some movement on the PRN/PERN market that had an impact on plastic bottle prices this week though, but a small drop in the paper price didn’t affect paper packaging grades.


After last week’s big increases in the metal market, price rises this week were more modest.

There are some reports of slightly lower container availability. With the price of shipping low, lines are resisting any further price falls. With Chinese New Year this week, it might be that container availability becomes more of an issue in coming weeks due to the disruption to trade flows that brings from Asia.

The pound was up to $1.23 this week from $1.24 last week. Against the euro it jumped from €1.12 a week ago to €1.14 this week.

Recycled plastics

With the falling PRN/PERN price coming down by about £30 per tonne, this was reflected in the price of bottle grades.

There has been no movement on the price of film as yet.

Orders are steady and material is moving on the whole, but there isn’t a huge amount of demand out there at the moment. Underlying prices also remained stable this week as a result.

Recycled paper

Despite the reduction in the PRN/PERN market, there was a small increase in the price of OCC due to some extra demand from the export market. Europe and India were back in to a degree, but that could change easily.

Most in the market are wondering where prices will head and are looking out for indicators. As a result, this kept prices stable for now.

With it also being the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations, this kept a lid on Asian demand.

There was no change in value for other grades.

Recycled metals

Copper, brass and aluminium grades all increased by £50 per tonne this week.

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