Recycling prices and market commentary: 23 June 2023

Bales of OCC cardboard for recycling
Bales of OCC cardboard for recycling

While the sun is shining, that gives some optimism unlike the trading in the recycling marketplace this week.

There was very little change across the board with most grades not moving at all compared to last week.


With some small exceptions, even recently volatile markets like PRNs/PERNs and metals were relatively stable.

Currently, many traders across materials are trying to work out if we will have now reached a period of stability that may last for the summer (a stability coming from low trading volumes) or if there are still some twists and turns to be had.

The pound was a touch weaker against the dollar at $1.27 from $1.28 last week, but remained at €1.16.

Recycled plastics

A small weakening in demand from Europe in particular hit PET and LDPE grades this week, but the drop-off was only small at around £5 per tonne.

Low virgin prices continue to worry sellers of recycled grades, as does poor demand from Europe.

The recent good weather doesn’t seem to have helped people buy much more soft drinks to fuel PET supply and demand, while the shops are struggling to attract spending customers meaning there isn’t much LDPE coming from back of stores.

But it could also be that people are waiting to see if retail prices fall before they go and get their summer holiday supplies.

Recycled paper

There wasn’t a huge amount going on in the paper and cardboard market this week with many waiting for next week for July trade (if it hasn’t already been done).

With some mills reportedly taking downtime and many that are still operating well-stocked, it may take some time for demand to come back into the market.

India and South East Asian mills aren’t showing too much interest at the moment, although mixed was getting a bit more from domestic mills.

Despite a fall in the PRN/PERN market by around £5 or so this week, the value of OCC remained unchanged. But this was more a case of leftover orders from last week setting the price rather than activity for this week.

Recycled metals

Unusually very little changed in this market, apart from stainless steel dropping by around £25 per tonne.

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