Soft drinks trade association pledges that PET bottles will use 100% recycled content by 2030

UNESDA Circular Packaging

Trade association UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe has pledged that PET bottles will contain 100% recycled content by 2030.

The organisation, that includes Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Suntory and Nestlé among its members, also represents 23 national associations across Europe.


Under its Circular Packaging Vision 2030, it has set the following targets:

  • 90% collection of all packaging
  • PET bottles made from 100% recycled and/or renewable material
  • Reduced packaging footprint and increased use of refillables.

By 2025, it is aiming for its members to include 50% recycled content in its PET bottles and that all plastic, metal and glass packaging will be 100% recyclable.

This will apply across the EU, plus UK, Norway and Switzerland.

UNESDA president and PepsiCo Europe senior vice president and chief category officer Ian Ellington said: “Our goal is that beverage packaging achieves full circularity and is recognised as a resource in a circular economy: it has value, is recyclable, is collected and used as recycled content.

“We believe that packaging is a resource that should never be wasted and are taking numerous actions to achieve full circularity and support the European Commission’s agenda of accelerating the transition towards a green economy.”

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