Thailand considering 100% inspections on recycled plastic and e-waste imports

Thai Environment Minister
Thai Environment Minister discusses 100% inspections of containers including plastics and e-waste

A 100% inspection regime is being considered on containers of recycled plastic and e-waste by the Government of Thailand.

Minister for Natural Resources and Environment General Surasak Kanjanarat announced that the measure is being looked at during a meeting of relevant stakeholders including customs officials and the police. The meeting was organised to investigate measures to control the illegal import of e-waste and plastic scrap.


As a result of the meeting, urgent measures were introduced that will involve containers being returned to the country of origin if they contain a false declaration of import of e-waste or plastic scrap.

But over the longer-term, Thailand is considering a 100% inspection regime for these waste materials, as well as increased penalties for those that import illegal waste. It is also looking at potentially banning all imports of e-waste.

However, three major Thai ports have already announced that they will not accept imports of containers that are filled with recycled plastic. This follows a large number of containers being left at port.

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