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Veolia kicks off gas-canister recycling scheme

Veolia safe treatment of nitrous oxide canisters
Veolia safe treatment of nitrous oxide canisters

Veolia has started recycling used nitrous oxide canisters.

The waste giant has activated new systems designed to safely capture remaining gases from the containers and vent them into the atmosphere in their natural proportions.

Nitrous oxide is often used in kitchens to produce foams and whipped cream as well as in food manufacturing to fill packets of crisps and snack foods.

However the gas stays in the atmosphere for over a century, according to Veolia, and adds to global warming. It can also pose a more immediate health risk by increasing the intensity of fires.

Veolia’s treatment line at its Empire facility in Birmingham means the safely emptied steel canisters can be recycled.

Nicola Henshaw, director of hazardous waste at the company, said: “The new treatment process for commercial nitrous oxide canisters represents a real step forward in how the industry can stop the discharge of this potent greenhouse gas, which causes the destruction of the ozone layer.

“By safely treating the gas, and breaking it down into its atmospheric elements, we can limit the environmental impact, and return metals for recycling.

“This is another example of how Veolia is delivering real ecological transformation for the future of the planet.”