Virgin Group and Agilyx looking to use chemically recycled plastic to make aviation fuel


Chemical conversion company Agilyx and Virgin Group have formed a strategic partnership to research and develop aviation and other fuels from waste plastics.

The plastic waste will be turned into synthetic crude oil from a chemical recycling process, and Virgin Atlantic and other Virgin Group companies are expected to be early adopters.


Both companies will work together on production facilities based on Agilyx’s conversion technologies. Cyclyx, which is a feedstock company owned by Agilyx, will source the plastic waste used for the fuel in the first facility.

The first waste-to-fuel facility will be located in the United States, but there is an aspiration to roll it out to other countries including the UK.

Virgin Group chief executive Josh Bayliss: “Innovation and entrepreneurship are important tools to address the climate crisis.  Virgin and other companies have an important role to play in meeting those challenges, which is exactly why we are forming this strategic partnership with Agilyx. 

“The creation of lower carbon fuel is an important step in the journey towards net zero.  We are very pleased to be adding this project to the range of investments we continue to make aimed at addressing these issues.”

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