More than 80 per cent of steel packaging recycled across EU


A record four-fifths of steel packaging was recycled in 2022, according to fresh figures.

Steel for Packaging Europe published verified data showing 80.5 per cent of the material placed on the market in that year was delivered to reprocessing facilities.


This represented a 2 percentage point hike on the prior 12 months.

Steel for Packaging Europe secretary-general Steve Claus said rising recycling rates “reflect the industry’s commitment to transparency and demonstrate why steel packaging is so well aligned with the EU’s vision for a circular economy”.

He added: “I am proud that the newly published figures correspond to the amount of packaging that is actually recycled at the entrance of recycling operations and not merely the packaging which is collected.

“This harmonised method for calculating packaging recycling rates creates a level playing field for all packaging materials in Europe.”

The Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulations (PPWR) agreed by key EU bodies earlier this year will set a range of targets for reducing and recycling protective material.

Claus said: “I am particularly pleased that the PPWR includes the establishment of design for recycling criteria, applicable to all packaging, and the introduction of a performance grading system with clear criteria.”