Selecta UK and Veolia launch workplace coffee cup recycling scheme

Selecta Veolia coffee cup recycling launch
Selecta and Veolia UK launch coffee cup recycling scheme

Customers of vending company Selecta UK will soon be able to offer a workplace and ‘on the go’ paper coffee cup recycling scheme.

Working with Veolia UK, Selecta’s 10,000 customers will be able to introduce its SelectaGreen Cup Recycling Service that will ensure coffee cups are recycled.


Its customers include train stations, schools, hospitals and businesses.

Selecta customers that sign up to the scheme will receive a SelectaGreen Cup Recycling box, which when full will be emptied within 48 hours by Veolia.

The cups will be sorted at a Veolia facility in Essex before being taken to a specialist UK pulping plant to be recycled into high end packaging for perfume and shopping bags, but also notepads.

Veolia UK regional director Keith McGurk said: “We are delighted to partner with Selecta to deliver Veolia’s innovative solution for their customers and help improve their environmental performance.

“We have solved this by offering our national collection to more than 10,000 of Selecta’s customers, using our infrastructure and expertise.”

Coffee cup recycling is a priority of Veolia as it hopes to recycle 120 million coffee cups per year.

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