Smurfit Kappa planning beverage carton recycling plant

Smurfit Kappa
Smurfit Kappa

A beverage carton recycling plant is being planned by Smurfit Kappa in collaboration with companies HVC and Bluemats.

It will be the first beverage carton recycling plant in the Netherlands and will separate the paper, plastic and aluminium from the products.


Single-use coffee cups are also within the scope of the plans.

Packaging and recycling giant Smurfit Kappa will bring its paper recycling expertise to the project, while HVC specialises in waste collection. Bluemats will handle the separation of the plastics and aluminium.

Smurfit Kappa vice president of paper technology Henk Hoevers said: “We are excited about being involved in a project that has the potential to solve a very big challenge and potentially push the higher recycling rate of paper even further than the current 85%.

“Together our three companies plan a state-of-the-art installation that can deal with this specific multi-material reject stream. Using all three separated streams of paper, plastic and aluminium for further recycling is unique.”

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