US recycled paper mill closes for two months due to coronavirus


Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) has closed its US recycled paper mill in Jackson, Alabama due to coronavirus.

The mill will shut down in May and June 2020 with both of its paper machines and its sheet-converting operation offline during this time.


Paper production will be reduced by approximately 70,000 tonnes until it restarts on 6 July.

The company’s mill at International Falls, Minnesota will continue to operate at full capacity.

PCA supplies both mills through contracts to buy recycled paper and pulp.

This means the company will aim to have appropriate levels of inventory of its Boise Paper range by the time the mill reopens.

Boise Paper vice president Paul LeBlanc said: “Due to the effects of Covid-19 virus pandemic on paper consumption in schools, offices and businesses, it’s critical that we balance the supply of our Boise Paper products with our customers’ demand for them.

“Unprecedented market conditions brought about by the measures required to help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus have made this business decision necessary to manage our paper business during these challenging times.”

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