Recycled plastic export report: July 2023

A container ship that is used to transport recyclable materials

These are the latest HMRC export figures for July 2023 for PE-based plastics – commodity code 391510. Only destinations of more than 1,000 tonnes per month are included.

Exports were strong in July 2023 reaching the highest level since April 2021.


A total of 29,760 tonnes was sent abroad from the UK, compared to 25,350 tonnes in June. As mentioned last month, June’s figure had also been the best since April 2021 so April to July have all been good months in recent history (exports are nothing like they used to be when China or South East Asian destinations were buying strongly though).

Turkey and to a degree EU countries were behind this increase of over 4,000 tonnes in July.

Exports to the EU represented 45% in July, with Turkey alone worth another 42.5%.

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