How we can build on 2014 to develop a better circular economy in 2015

WRAP's Liz Goodwin suggests that despite some disappointments in 2014, this year can be one in which the circular economy gets stronger

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Collaborative approach throughout supply cycle key to zero waste ambitions

DS Smith's Mathew Prosser looks at why design is essential for resource efficient products

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Waste to energy plants and the energy efficiency spotlight

Untha's Chris Oldfield asked whether energy efficiency should be under great scrutiny at waste to energy plants

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Developing resource efficient logistics at DHL

As a global logistics company, DHL is able to move itself and help its customers towards being more resource efficient as Paul Sanderson discovers

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Compostable carrier bags from the Co-op

Co-operative Food has been rolling out compostable carrier bags that can be used as food waste caddy liners. Environment manager Iain Ferguson answers questions about the bags

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